Carpenter Emergency Lighting traces its roots back to 1913 when its founder developed the “Beam-O-Lite”. The first of its kind, the Beam- O-Lite was designed to mount on automobiles and to serve as a search/spot light. Soon thereafter, the “Port-O-Lite” was introduced. A portable version of the original, this high powered search light became very popular with emergency service personnel. This design has gone virtually unchanged and is now currently sold as our emergency lantern Model F5-100.

The Coconut Grove fire in 1942 spawned an entire industry and Carpenter entered the emergency lighting market.

Today, we remain a privately held company with a varied product line that comprises not only of emergency lighting and exit signs, but also inverter systems and lighting controls. We are proud to say that most of our products are still manufactured in the USA in our plant outside of Trenton, New Jersey. Our many years of industry expertise allow us to provide our customers with custom solutions for most any application.

Our goal is to strive to be customer friendly, market driven, and simply to provide quality products in a timely and affordable manner.